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 Has any one thought of a cruise down to Clifton, Tn?  I called and spoke with Gene Davidson today. And he was telling me that they are going to be having a band every Saturday night this year. They are offering a larger variety of dinner item's this year. And the bands is for the social outing for the community. There is acouple Large annual event's. But, all of the dockage is taken up for these event's. He told me that he can transient 12 vessel's. I'm going to drive down by car in May and see what it's all about. He spoke highly of GTB transient that had stopped over on the way down south. What a good message to hear.


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We've been to Clifton before.  Several of us have overnighted together and solo on trips up and down the Tennessee.  They have a big event in the fall that we've been tempted to check out.  


Mermaid Marina is an interesting place too.  The Fisherdale Dock, adjacent to Mermaid, really hops on Saturday night.  Check out this album with photos from Fisherdale and Mermaid.  


Keep the suggestions coming. 

Clifton is a nice marina to stop at. We have stopped there many times going south.

We've stopped at Clifton several times and really like it.   They even have a courtesy car, although you can walk

to town.  The only thing negative would be their ability to accomodate very many boats.  As I remember 4 boats in the 40-50 range would be about it. 

I would agree with Butch on Mermaid.  It's a lively place on Saturday night.  There's also a long dock that runs along the canal that connects the Fuel dock to the  docks.  They can accomodate more transients than Clifton.

This sounds interesting.  Thanks for checking things out.  Karen and I are interested in going with a group to Clifton.  We have kids heading off to College this summer, so if "the group" heads down on at a time that works...




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