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CYC Sailing Series

For anyone who would like to experience the sport of sailing on Saturday morning in a friendly setting. Slow boats are allowed a big head start as faster boats pursue them on a five mile course in a race to the finish line. Races usually last about two hours.

Location: Grand Rivers Kentucky
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CYC Sailing Series - 2018

Spring Series

           Start Time Date
Race 1 10:00AM 4/20/2019
Race 2 10:00AM 5/11/2019
Race 3 10:00AM 5/25/2019
Race 4 10:00AM 6/15/2019
Race 5 10:00AM 6/22/2019
Race 6 10:00AM 7/13/2019

Fall Series

           Start Time Date 
Race 1 10:00AM 9/7/2019
Race 2 10:00AM 9/21/2019
Race 3/Cols. Revenge 9:00AM 10/6/2019
Race 4 10:00AM 10/12/2019
Race 5 10:00AM 10/26/2019
Race 6 10:00AM 11/9/2019

Downloadable/Printable CYC Series Registration and Waiver Form.  ALL skippers are required to file a Registration and Waiver Form with the Race Committee no later than 15 minutes prior (usually 9:45AM on race day) to the first race that the boat is participating in for the season.  One Registration and Waiver Form is good for the whole season.  If a Registration and Waiver Form is not on file the boat's results will not be recorded and kept for that race.



Downloadable Race Course Map and instructions.


Check out the results of previous weeks racing and write ups describing the events of the day in the "FEATURED CONTENT" section below.

Do you have questions about the CYC Sailing Series and how it works?  

Send a message to Racing Coordinator Chris Riley

Featured Content

CYC Spring Sailing Season 2016 Race 1

Write-up courtesy of Harry Reed.  I am just reposting for everyone's benefit.Friends and Fair WindsSailing opens a new season on Kentucky Lake! This is the 9th season for the staggered start sailing series begun by CYC and Kentucky Lake Sail Club sailors to give beginning and experienced sailors a chance to practice outside of the Kentucky Lake Sail Club's more formal races. Saturday's race, May 7th, begins at 10am by the green buoys in front of the Dam. Steve Smith on his Oday 28, "Heeling…Continue

Started by Chris Riley May 11, 2016.

The Great Bug Out 1 Reply

Comment by Harry Reed 12 minutes ago           Delete CommentThe Great Bug Out                   Harry ReedJuly 2, Spring Sailing Series- Light winds plagued the fleet, starting out at 4 knots, butbuilt to 7 knots on a beam reach to Sledd Creek.  The Flying Scots of Mark Schaberg and DaveCasey, with, Bev Reed’s Santana 20, Treasure Chest, led the way.  John Phillippe followed gamely along with hisheavier Catalina 320, a vessel…Continue

Started by Harry Reed. Last reply by Harry Reed Jul 23, 2011.

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Comment by Harry Reed on July 23, 2011 at 12:17pm

The Great Bug Out                   Harry Reed

July 2, Spring Sailing Series- Light winds plagued the fleet, starting out at 4 knots, but
built to 7 knots on a beam reach to Sledd Creek.  The Flying Scots of Mark Schaberg and Dave
Casey, with, Bev Reed’s Santana 20, Treasure Chest, led the way.  John Phillippe followed gamely along with his
heavier Catalina 320, a vessel relatively unsuited for the light air.  The Hunter 33.5, Our Time, brought up the
rear.  As winds rose to 11 knots there were hopes of a complete race.   Alas, those hopes were dashed as the winds abated and Our Time struggled to make the first turning mark as the rest of the fleet made its way toward the canal.  On the homeward leg, Treasure Chest developed a 50 yard lead on the east side of the lake as they passed a large 4 foot
catfish.  The specimen was deceased and the crew suddenly became aware of thousands of tiny biting flies attacking.   Jib trimmer Stephanie picked up a flip flop and swatted herself continually attempting to combat the hoard.  The wind died completely and the girl on Dave’s  boat dove in the water to escape the flies.  At one point, both Schaberg and Casey were pointed in the wrong direction.  Dave bantered “where are you going?”  Mark laughed, “The same place as you.”  To compound the misery of the biting flies, heat and sweat, the 4th of July power boats created a confused artificial chop that threw the little boats about, shaking the rigging wildly back and forth. 

        A slight land breeze developed out of the west side of the lake and Blue Moon cut left to gain a slight advantage.   Schaberg
tacked to the right and moved up into the lead.   The wind was now fully dead and the committee boat moved up to call the race at 12:30. When the lead sailors were asked if they agreed to call the race they were uniformly desperate to get off the lake to escape the flies.  Schaberg and Casey were credited with a tie for first with Treasure Chest in third.  Phillippe performed outstanding sailing to keep No Worries within striking distance in fourth.   Our Time was unable to make the second mark.  We towed the two flying Scots back to port and they were exceedingly grateful.   Afterward it was a little too hot to raft up so we sought comfort in the slip with the air conditioner.  Last week was of course the 4th of July holiday weekend and as usual, for those of us who spend every weekend at the lake, the lake and marinas seem over run by “interlopers”.   Last year I can still
remember the desperate drunks pounding on the bathroom doors, trying to speed those inside with their task.  
       This year we had just settled down to sleep on our vessel in the slip after the fireworks.  Outside we heard a loud voice “follow Nay Nay”.  This term I had not heard before but came to believe it meant nana or grandma.  A 50ish rotund couple  waddled down to the end of the pier near our berth with a gang of children in tow.  They proceeded to detach the anchor of our neighbor’s
house boat and propped it up on the dock to aid in shooting fireworks.  

      This we did not know until, looking directly up through our v berth hatch, we saw a large starburst and report close overhead with embers streaking down over ours and half a dozen other nearby vessels.  I stuck my head up through the hatch and exclaimed “ hey whats  going on!” The startled rocketeers blurted out “we didn’t know anyone else was here”.  It didn’t matter if anyone was there.   I replied, “ canvas and fiberglass can be damaged not to mention the fuel and fiberglass”.  They said “we didn’t know it would go straight up!”  Where is a rocket supposed to go?  Off they strolled but, the next morning the anchor was left detached from its rhoad and in the middle of the dock.  Apparently they were 4th of July guests of one of the  boat owners back up the dock.  The next day Gus opined “what were they thinking.  They could have set the whole dock on fire.”  It is times like these I question the demographics of the evolving American society.  Was Plato right, democracy is destined to spiral downward?  Maybe the time is soon
to just sail away, but not quite yet.  Hope to see you Saturday at 10AM.     New email address is   

  Spring Series
2011 9-Jul 13 to 3 kph
10am golf adjusted
Captain Boat type PHRF Start time finish Place Points start time next week
Steve Smith Hey Jude Oday 28 204 11.42.45 1 6 8 min   
Dave Casey Blue Moon Flying Scot 207 11.48.22 2 5   9 min 45sec  
Jim Siebert Wetta Wetta 159 11.49.06 3 4 11 min 45 sec
Mark Schaberg Flying Scot Flying Scot 207 11.50.21 4 3 6m45s
Bev Reed Treasure Chest Schock 20 225 11.50.53 5 2 4min 15s
H Reed Our Time Hunter 33.5 159 12.21.24 6 1 9min 45 sec
John Hafner Blow Hard Oday 26ib 255 12.25.32 7 1 1min 45 sec
Tim Crowell Psychotic Squirrel Hunter 23.5 243 pf 8 1 9:58:45
Barret Owens Sea Zen Hunter 27 222 pf 9 1 9:59:30
Gus Titus Winddancer Endeavor 32 210 pf 10 1 9:59:30
John Phillipee No Worries Catalina 320 174 dns     9min 30 sec
Duane Shepp Tied to Sea Hunter 27 219 DNS 6 min 45s
Single Handers
Dave Casey Blue Moon Flying Scot 207 11.48.22 1 6   9 min 45 sec  
Jim Siebert Wetta Wetta 159 11.49.06 2 5 11min 45s
H Reed Our Time Hunter 33.5 159 12.21.24 3 4 9min 45 sec
John Hafner Blow Hard Oday 26ib 255 11.24.46 4 3 1min 45 sec
Tim Crowell Psychotic Squirrel Hunter 23.5 243 11.37.08 5 2 9.58.45
Gus Titus Winddancer Endeavor 32 210 11.42.12 6 1 9.59.30
committee boat Our Time Harry Reed
pf + awarded
  place in the fleet
  aggregated by reports from the participants
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  errors email



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