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May 14 Kentucky Lake.   The Lake was overflowing its banks but that didn’t stop the little dinghy, BlueMoon of Dave Casey’s from initially threatening to wipe up the field on a cold and rainy day. The FlyingScot got a flying start and quickly built a big lead over the larger vessels. Still at the start, The Oday 26,Blowhard, appeared to have some mechanical difficulties and got off late, followed by Wind Dancer andHey Jude. Together Blow Hard and Hey Jude on starboard, rounded the first turning mark in secondbut were soon passed by the J22, Dirty Harry, who was struggling to catch the leader Blue Moon.

Withspinnaker flying he made up some distance on Blue Moon.On the lead boat, Dave’s crew, son Samuel said, “I’m wet and cold, let’s finish this race”. At the finalturn, they tacked back to the west side on starboard to get out of the developing waves upwind. Seeing this, Dirty Harry thought his best chance to catch up was a split tack out to the east. This turned out tobe a bad move.

First, they had difficulty with the leeward mark take down, but, oh well; practice andimproving skills are what this race is for.Next around the mark, leading the single handers, was Hey Jude, who followed Casey west, withBlowhard splitting off to the east side of the course. The “live‐aboard” Endeavor 32, Wind Dancer,began sneaking up from behind down the center of the last leg home.Smoother water along the sheltering west shore allowed the light 850 lb. Blue Moon to continue onin the lead. The much heavier Hey Jude, on the same tack was catching up. However, the eastern tackboats were not faring well. With Blue Moon out of reach, Dirty Harry desperately tacked back to thewest on starboard in an attempt to avoid being passed by Hey Jude.

When Blow Hard made the sametack, a dreaded “ping” was heard, a tangle of stainless steel ricocheting off the mast, flogging thestarboard deck. Stunned at first, John Hafner, Captain of Blow Hard, doused the sails to try and savethe remaining spars and rigging. The increasing rain and moisture was reducing the visibility.  Casey crossed the finish, but with a half mile to go one couldn’t tell who was in the lead between HeyJude and Dirty Harry, both boats beating towards the finish from different angles, Hey Jude from thewest, Dirty Harry from the east.

On starboard, Dirty Harry closely crossed the bow of Hey Jude butcouldn’t make the pin. Hey Jude delayed tack but then angled directly for the finish with starboardrights. No seconds to spare, Dirty Harry tacked first to starboard and then to port to “juke” the pin, andfinished barely ahead. Hey Jude took first for the “Single Handers.” Behind these boats, Gus Titus onWind Dancer was seen making his way toward the finish.

Strangely, no one could see any sign of BlowHard. It was like she disappeared in the fog. Later, it was learned that a pin had failed on Blowhards lower shroud, but the quick reaction of Hafner saved the rest of her rigging and she limped back to port to fight another day.  

Win or lose, these thrilling finishes at the line makes in the CYC Series about the most fun a personcan legally have at the lake. Results are attached. We hope to see you next Saturday at the CYC SpringSeries where the real fun begins again. The May 14 race will not count toward the standing for the CYCSpring Series as many boats were not able to get out of the harbor. We hope everyone has a chance toparticipate this weekHarry Reed

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