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T'was the week before Christmas and across the lake,
No one was sailing, everything was dead.
Boats at the lake sit lonely and still,
Winterized and covered, protected from winds shrill.

Caryn is now busy with wrapping and baking,
While Earl browses Nauti News with aching.
The weather had been mild, why did I winterize,
"We could be out sailing," he says with agonize.

To Sugar, to Smith, and ole' Cow Bay,
To Duncan, to Demumbers, even the Rock Quarry.
My house may look like Patty's full of bright bustle,
but I wish I were anchored at Green Turtle.

It doesn't rhyme, but you get the idea.
Merry Christmas!

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I know how you’re feeling.
I, too, have the blues.
This winter, off season
Gives no hint of good news.
I’m missing the boat and
The joy of good friends.
I’m missing the lake,
And the peace that it lends.

I’ve hung not a light, not a hint of good cheer,
The Sunderman home shines like the nose of a certain reindeer.
I’m baking the cookies the grandkids expect.
I’m wrapping the presents, not swabbing the deck.
Christmas is coming, and New Year’s shall pass,
Then Valentine’s Day when GTB is a blast.
And, low, ‘fore you know it’s Spring once again.
The joy, the elation, the “hey, how are you!”
The docks come alive with sailors and crew.

Off covers, off buckles, Winter’s grime go away.
De-winterize, clean. Let us be on our way.
The coves they are calling. The moon, he is full.
Drop anchor and rejoice because the season is new.
How can one top these poems, except to say "Merry Christmas to All" !! Spring cannot come soon enough.


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