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Commodore's Corner | February 2018 | By: Sharla Sparks

WAKE UP SAILING FANS! The Spring Sailing Series is “just around the corner!” The first race is on the calendar for April 28…just around the next couple of corners. To help pass the time, here is a list of the top ten things overheard while racing the CYC Sailing Series:

  1. “You had better bring your A-GAME; I’ve got my racing sail on!” Someone always has to talk smack.
  2. “Where’s the mark?” The CYC Sailing Series uses existing marks on the lake. They can be hard to spot with waves and sunshine in your eyes.
  3. “HEY! How big is that sail???” Sail-envy is real.
  4. “We are EATING TREES on them!” Racers tend to look at how the trees disappear and reappear from view behind the competitor’s sails as a way to tell who is moving faster.
  5. “Where’s the snactician?” Speaking of eating, racing makes folks hungry!
  6. “Can anybody see the mark?” Those green and red marks on the lake do sometimes drag and aren’t where we think they should be. Other times, skipper’s brain drags, and it isn’t where we think it should be.
  7. “Look at that dirty bottom!” A freshly scrubbed boat bottom is a faster boat bottom. Racers think about their bottoms often.
  8. “Do I see white caps?” When the whitecaps come out, some skippers get nervous. Some skippers start to grin more…
  9. “STARBOARD!” Racers love to assert their right-of-way!
  10. “When’s our next race???” Check out this year’s schedule below:


Spring:  April 28, May 12, May 19, June 9, June 23, and July 14.

Fall:  September 1, September 15, September 30, October 13, October 27, and November 10.

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