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December 2016 CYC NautiNews Article


The 2016 boating season is mostly over.  We carry into 2017 all the fun memories we shared with our friends and family in 2016.  The winter months gives us a opportunity to sit back and check out all the catalogs to figure out what boat repairs and work we want to do when spring breaks.   Our CYC Commodore, Officers and Board of Directors are working on the 2017 event calendar.  If anyone has any event suggestions for 2017 contact Commodore Jerry Koerner.


During the holiday season everyone should not miss the holiday lights at Grand Rivers and Green Turtle Bay marina, they are all unbelievably beautiful.  


The CYC and Green Turtle Bay event calendar is winding down with December.  The Commonwealth Yacht Club will be closed the month of January and opening up before the Valentine Party in February.   Don’t forget to attend CYC’s New Years Eve party on December 31, to welcome 2017 and then enjoy the New Year’s brunch at midnight. Entertainment will be provided by Heart & Soul.   Let’s welcome in the New Year together!!   The next CYC board meeting will be February 11 at 9:00 am at the Commonwealth Yacht Club.  The CYC Valentine’s Party will be in February, I will let you know in next newsletter the exact date.  The Valentine’s party to me is just the winter break I need to soften the cabin feeling I get by February.  It allows us to see all our friends who we have missed for a couple of months!!


Here’s wishing everyone a most joyous, blessed and happy holiday season.      Stay safe and see you in 2017!!


Ann Donnelly

Past Commodore

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