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Kentucky Lake / Lake Barkley News and Conditions

See photos of the flood at left in the photo slide show box.  Thanks Greg on Black Rose for the photos.


(Saturday Update) Clouds have rolled in this morning bringing a 50% chance of rain for today. Not much rain is expected with this particular storm system and it should move out quickly. The forecast is generally dry after today. The lake is slowly decending and is still supposed to drop a foot a day. It is still very high.

The new record for Kentucky Lake is approximately 372.5'. Kentucky Lake's record elevation of 369.99' set back in 1984 was broken Saturday when the lake reached 370.00' at 1:00 p.m.

Kentucky Lake/Barkley Lake Upper Elevation
  Kentucky Lake Lake Barkley
Upper Stage > 371.0'  371.2' 
24-Hour Change > 1.0'  0.8' 
Normal Stage > 359.0' 359.0'
Norm Departure > +12.0' +12.2'
5/08 Forecast > 369.8'  N/A
5/09 Forecast > 368.7'  N/A


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