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To make it easier for everyone to see the great things that are going on with the Commonwealth Yacht Club and Green Turtle Bay we are now going to start bringing the CYC Nauti News write-ups to the CYC website as well as the traditional printed monthly newsletter.



Horray for Spring, let the season begin!!


Winter is finally behind us and spring is here.  Beginning this month, our Commonwealth Yacht Club and Green Turtle Bay marina is starting to wake up with loads of events starting up.  I am going to cover events for April and May in this newsletter.  Continue to monitor all our resources so you don’t miss out on “What’s happening at the Bay”.


Board Meeting

Our April Commonwealth Yacht Club board meeting is April 2, 2016; the May meeting is on May 7 at the Commonwealth Yacht Club.  Contact Commodore David Jernigan at if you have any board concerns or any event suggestions.   


Pirates Market

The Pirates Market is April 9 which will be held at the parking lot beside the Chandlery starting at 9:00am.  Contact Short Range Fleet Captain Sandra Jernigan, at or call her at  270-217-8833 to reserve a full or half table.  Just remember what you consider junk, just could be someone else’s treasure.  You can also just show up on April 9, we will have extra tables available.

Blessing of the Fleet

Our annual Blessing of the Fleet is April 23.   Brother Jack Larwa will begin the ceremony on Emory & Suzy Pence’s boat at the end of Pier 6 starting at 10:00am.  Captains can choose to drive by Pier 6 for the Blessing or request an In-Slip Blessing.  Again, contact Short Range Fleet Captain Sandra Jernigan to make your reservation.   



Spring Sailing Series

The Commonwealth Yacht Club Spring Sailing Series begins on April 23,2016.  May Series dates are May 7 and a possible distance race according to conditions on May 21, 2016.  All Series races are on Kentucky Lake. All sailors are invited to join the Commonwealth Yacht Club and Rear Commodore/Regatta Fleet Captain Sharla Graham to participate in this “FUN” race series.  The race is a 5 mile triangle course using existing marks on Kentucky Lake.   Join Sharla to race one, or all the monthly series races throughout the boating season, you can join any time during the season.  Look for flyers with the racing dates and times posted throughout Green Turtle Bay marina, GTB Face book page or on our Commonwealth Yacht Club website. General start time is 10:00am, no fees or membership required.  

For questions or to register Sharla’s email is or call her at 931-249-3333.  


Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Mark your May calendar for May 7 when First Line Fire Extinguisher visit’s Green Turtle Bay beginning at 10:00am.  They park their truck at the parking lot near Dockers’ restaurant.  

DID YOU KNOW:  Vessels under 26 feet in length require one portable fire extinguisher; a vessel between 27-40 feet in length requires carrying 2.

All USCG approved portable re-chargeable fire extinguishers have a statement on the extinguisher’s label to be inspected and maintained at intervals not exceeding one year, or whenever an inspection indicates a deficiency in the extinguisher’s condition,  which needs to be made by a fire extinguisher servicing agency .  

According to information posted by the USCG a qualified servicing agency is not required for maintenance of non-rechargeable extinguishers.  However, a record of maintenance of your non-rechargeable extinguisher must be available for the Coast Guard, if requested.

Items which should be included in the annual maintenance include:

  1. Check for expiration date on your extinguisher - Non-rechargeable extinguishers expire 12 years from the manufacture date marked on the extinguisher.  

  2. Check the pressure gauge or pressure indicator to make sure it is in operable range.  If there is no gauge or pressure indicator, verify the weight or fullness of the unit.

  3. Verify there is no physical damage to the extinguisher, discharge hose or bracket.

  4. Check for missing or broken safety seals or tamper indicators.

Examine your extinguisher for obvious signs of corrosion, leakage or clogged discharge nozzle.

      The good news is First Line will conduct the above inspections and certify your

Extinguishers are in working condition.  As for me, I certainly feel more comfortable having professionals inspect our extinguishers.  So, don’t miss this valuable opportunity to have your fire extinguishers re-charged, inspected or repaired, as needed.  They also sell new or rebuilt fire extinguishers.  


Derby Party

Commonwealth Yacht Club’s annual Derby Party is also on May 7.  Ladies and gentlemen get your hats ready and start researching who the winning horse wll be.  Plan to attend this fun party.  Personally, I love the mint juleps!!

Flag Retirement

The annual Flag Retirement ceremony is on May 28 on Green Turtle Bay’s beach.  Past Commodore Terry West will conduct the ceremony to dispose of torn & worn flags in a very respectable and impressive ceremony. Everyone is invited to attend.  Take your tattered or worn United States flags to the Chandlery by May 27, 2016.  


See everyone at the Lake!!


Ann Donnelly

Past Commodore

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